Website Hosting plays an essential role in ensuring that your website visitors have a great landing and reading experience. A reliable hosting means a reliable site in terms of uptime and security and thus here, we intend to review Cheap Best WordPress Hosting Plan 2020 and do a comparison to help you choose one

For a cheap and best WordPress hosting plan and for the best performance output of your WordPress website, you will need nothing but the best WordPress website host provider that meets the WordPress hosting criteria

As per WordPress, for a strong WordPress website hosting provider, the hosting provider must support

  • PHP 7.3 and above
  • My SQL 

WordPress Recommends Apache or Nginx as the most robust and scalable cloud-based servers that are well-suited to run the WordPress website. Also, any server that supports PHP and MySQL will be a good server to host a WordPress website

Imagine you are launching an advertising campaign drawing traffic on your website and your website is unable to handle the traffic!

The result – a poor landing experience for your visitors and hence an increased bounce rate

Many hosting providers claim to give the best results w.r.t handling traffic and maintaining an uptime close to 100% but they fail to deliver when it comes to reality.

Thus we decided to create a guide that can help you choose a Cheap and Best WordPress Hosting plan 2020 that suits your needs. This guide is not based on mere stats from Pingdom that only shows uptime.

Instead, we have scrutinized different types of services and policies of each Hosting provider to create a comparison table below to give you insights that are usually not published by these providers.

Let’s start with understanding Domain vs Hosting Difference, Different types of hosting that exists and then we will review cheap and best Hosting specifically to WordPress Websites

What is Domain vs. Hosting?

Any website contains data stored in the form of files. These files of a website are stored in a centralized place so that people across the world can access the website.  

Hosting is the server resource where your website files are located or hosted in a centralized place

Domain is the address of your blog or website on the Internet in a human-readable form and can be accessed via the browser.

  • This Domain eventually resolves to the server resource that houses the files of the website and directs people to the website. 
Search and buy domains from Namecheap. Lowest prices!

What is the Purpose of Hosting? 

For your business to have an online face that this world can reach out to, you need to have a website. To have a website, Hosting is an essential service that every website or blog owner needs to have. 

  • Hosting provides technology and support to host your website or blog on the Internet
  • Websites are hosted on servers and are made available as service to people across the world
Best WordPress hosting Plan Comparison

What are Different Types of Hosting?

Managed Hosting – Type of Hosting in which a Hosting service provider leases dedicated servers and required hardware to a single user.

  • Maintenance of server and hardware of performed by the hosting provider itself and the user is not required to worry about the maintenance of servers
  • Good for a business that is growing and need scaling resources

Shared hosting – Type of Hosting in which Hosting Service provider leases single server and hardware to multiple website owners

  • Though the costs are low this hosting is not good for websites with high traffic. 

Cloud Hosting – Type of Hosting where servers and hardware is spread on multiple virtual servers and those resources are pulled in as per need of the website.

  • For example, if a website experience a sudden surge in traffic, resources from servers will be auto-scaled and required support will be provided to your website.

WordPress Managed Hosting – WordPress Managed Hosting is a hosting environment specifically created for WordPress that doesn’t require any maintenance on the user’s part

Difference Between Managed vs Shared Hosting

WordPress Managed Hosting is a hosting environment specifically created for WordPress that doesn’t require any care on the user’s part

  • With Managed Hosting, you’ll never face a server or any hardware failure because your website stays immune from such incidents.
WordPress Shared Hosting – Here users share their resources with other website owners. 

  • This means that if someone else’s website gets a lot of traffic, you may experience slowdowns or downtime.

Shared vs. Cloud hosting

The principal difference between Shared vs. Cloud hosting is that on Cloud hosting the website files are shared across multiple servers. Thus if one server goes down, other cloud servers are available to ensure uptime

  • Cloud Hosting thus ensures that there is no impact on your website in the case of Downtime.

Shared Hosting has a single server where the hosting resources are located. Thus, if the server goes down, websites hosted on the server is not available.

Essential features of Cheap and Best WordPress Hosting Plan

Essential features for a Cheap and Best WordPress Hosting plan 2020 involves – 

  • Easy WP Installation 
  • Easy WP migration
  • Free SSL and HTTPS
  • Free Email
  • CloudFare CDN to help you improve loading Speed of website
  • Daily Backups
  • WP Auto updates
  • WP CLI and SSH
  • 24/7 WP Support
  • Money Back

Additional Features like – 

  • Add on Domains
  • Hardware – Disk space and Server Type
  • Server Location – Good to host your server in a location closer to your target audience location
  • WordPress Staging
  • White Label Site Management

How to choose a WordPress Website Hosting Plan 2020?

A Reliable and Cheap WordPress Hosting service means –

  • Reliable Speed – to give a good landing experience to your visitors
  • Guaranteed Security – ensures that your website is safe under a malware attack or hacking attempt
  • Excellent Support – to resolve your concerning issues on priority. Eg – If your website receives a lot of Bot Traffic, Hosting providers should assist you as soon as possible
  • Big Scalability – When your website traffic grows, your WordPress hosting provider should be able to provide enough resources without impacting your website performance.

Nevertheless, it is all about choosing a Hosting provider that suits your business need. So before you decide which hosting to purchase –

Questions to Ask Yourself before Choosing the Cheap and Best WordPress Hosting Plan in 2020

How much traffic you expect

  • So that you can choose cheap WordPress Hosting based on Bandwidth and Storage parameters
  • In case your website has a lot of media content like videos and high-resolution images, then you will have to choose a Hosting that provides high SSD disk storage capacity
  • For ONe- page informational website, a low level of RAM will do the job for you. Accordingly, you can choose the right plan
How much Customer Support Service you will need based on your need
  • In case you want to have dedicated support then you might want to buy managed hosting else shared hosting service should be good for you

Questions to Ask Your Hosting Provider

Type of Hosting Server it Provides
  • Shared Servers – Here, you will share your website with many other sites.
    • The performance of your website depends on the Bandwidth consumed by other websites located on the same server. Suitable for small and medium businesses.
  • Virtual Private Server – Here, Hosting resources like disk space, bandwidth, etc will be owned by you in private.
    • It is better than Shared servers where resources get shared. Helpful for small and medium businesses. 
  • Cloud Servers – run on Big Cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services ( AWS) or Microsoft Azure.
    • Good when you want unmetered bandwidth with scalable resources as per traffic growth. No.1 Choice for Enterprise needs
Does it provides features like Backups or Site Migration
  • Backups are essential for any website and so is site migration during hosting provider change
  • Check if there are there any hidden charges or disguised information that might impact your website performance in the long run
    • For example, often, hosting providers may display discount offerings on their website, but those discounts may be for initial months only. So please do a thorough check before you buy WordPress Hosting.

Terminology used in WordPress Website Hosting Plan

Before we start the review, let’s look at a few terminologies that are used by WordPress hosting providers that will help you choose better Hosting Provider for WordPress website


Bandwidth is the speed limit at which data can be transferred between your hosting provider servers and the public web

  • Good Bandwidth ensures more people can visit your site at the same time with an improved landing experience for each one of them
  • Poor bandwidth slows your website down, especially when site traffic is heavy. A slow website means a poor landing experience for your visitor

Unmetered Traffic vs Unlimited Traffic

Unmetered traffic means Hosting companies are offering a fixed amount of bandwidth that one can use as much as one wants. Though the server speed is limited, data transfer can be done without any limits.

  • However, this does not mean that you can get unlimited traffic at the same hosting price.
  • Unmetered is a marketing term used by companies that means there is no check on data transfer but there is a certain limit on server speed at which the data is transferred.
  • Thus, you may be charged a flat rate for unlimited data transfer at a fixed server speed.

SDD vs HDD Hosting

SSD storage in hosting – means Solid State Drive storage and more efficient in data storage vs Hard Disk Drive ( HDD) Hosting storage

  • Always Prefer SDD Type Hosting

Cheap and Best WordPress Hosting Plans for 2020

We have thus evaluated following Cheap and Reliable WordPress hosting providers that have made a name for themselves in the market.

These have maintained their service by ensuring happy customers with dedicated support, good uptime, and cheap prices.

Let’s review both Managed and Shared WordPress Hosting Services one by one

Tabular Comparison of Cheap and Best WordPress Hosting Plan 2020

Before we start our detailed review, check out this table below. We have compared the ‘Starter Plan’ for 6 WordPress Hosting providers.

This Contains both Shared Hosting as well as Managed Hosting Plan for WordPress

Cheap WordPress Hosting Plan 2020
Tabular Comparison of WordPress Hosting Plans – Starter Plans for 6 Web Hosting providers (Zoom in for More Clarity)

SiteGround Shared WordPress Hosting Plan Review

Siteground shared WordPress hosting

SiteGround Hosting is recommended by and WooCommerce as one of the cheap and best Shared WordPress Hosting Providers.

With 24/7 Customer support, cheap & reliable web hosting plans and unmatched features like free CDN & Caching tools to improve your website loading Speed, SiteGround has emerged as favorites for WordPress Hosting providers

SiteGround Shared WordPress Hosting Pricing Plan

StartUp Plan – 6.99$ per month | 10 GB Disk Space | Can host 1 Website
GrowBig Plan – 9.99$ per month | 20 GB Disk Space | Can host Unlimited Websites
GoGeek Plan – 14.99$ per month | 30 GB Disk Space | Can host Unlimited Websites

Features of SiteGround Shared WordPress Hosting Plan

  • It Offers WordPress Expertise and Solution such as the WordPress StarterWordPress MigratorSG Optimizer
  • Widely Recognised unmatched Customer Support –that sets them apart from other web hosts is their top-rated Customer Support Service
  • Optimized for Incredible Website Speed – With Its  SSD Disks and Caching boosters, SiteGround always delivers perfect hosting speed
  •  Siteground offers free CloudFare CDN which makes sites load super fast from any part of the world
  • User-Centric Tools – like Free website migration, Easy start for beginners and Collaboration tools make it handy and easy to use

Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting Plan Review

Cheap WordPress Hosting Plan 2020

Founded in 2000, Namecheap has made a mark in the Web Hosting niche. Namecheap offers the latest in the high-quality domain and hosting products at the most competing prices in the market

Namecheap delivers value-driven results when it comes to Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Price of NameCheap Managed WordPress Hosting

* All Namecheap’s Easy WP Plans support Only 1 Website. The difference is only in Disk Space and No of Visitors that can visit your Website

EasyWP Starter 3.88$ per month | ~70 $ for 3 yrs with 10 GB SSD Disk Space | 1 Website | 50K Visitors/month
EasyWP Turbo7.88 $ Per Month | ~ 132 $ for 3 Yrs with 50 Gb SSD Disk Space | 1 Website | 200K Visitors/month
EasyWP Supersonic 11.88 $ Per Month | ~150 $ for 3 yrs | 100 Gb SSD Disk Space | 1 Website | 500K Visitors/month

Features of NameCheap Managed WordPress Hosting

All Easy WP Namecheap Plans includes – 

  • 1 Ready-to-use WordPress website 
  • Powered by Namecheap Cloud
  • Easy to restore and backup
  • SFTP & database access
  • 1 free EasyWP domain name (temporary)
  • Support for any domain name
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support

A2 Hosting Shared WordPress Hosting Plan Review

Cheap WordPress Hosting Plan 2020Cheap WordPress Hosting Plan 2020

A2 Hosting provides Shared Hosting, an affordable solution perfect for a small blog, a personal website with minimal traffic or if you are launching a new website. 

Their shared Hosting plans are user-friendly and pocket-friendly making it perfect for both new and experienced users.

They offer Scalable Web hosting solutions that mean even if your website grows, you can have more resources from them by upgrading your plan

Pro Tip– This is Shared Hosting by A2 Hosting. Click here to view A2 hosting Managed WordPress hosting

Price of A2 Hosting – Shared WordPress hosting

Lite 3.92$ per month | ~140$ for 3 yrs with Unlimited Disk Space | Can host 1 Website
Swift 4.90 $ Per Month | ~ 176 $ for 3 Yrs with Unlimited Disk Space | Can host multiple websites
Turbo 9.31 $ Per Month | ~335 $ for 3 yrs | Unlimited Disk Space | Can host Multiple websites

BlueHost Shared WordPress hosting Plan Review

Cheap WordPress Hosting Plan 2020

Bluehost is WordPress recommended Host that powers more than 2 million websites.

With Cheap competitive pricing in the Shared Hosting stage, Bluehost offers 24/7/365 Customer support with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bluehost has been in the market for quite some time and has been offering quality service and support.

BlueHost on Social media 

Price and Features – Bluehost Shared Web Hosting

All Plans gives you $200 Marketing Credit that you can spend on Google and Microsoft Paid Advertising

HACK – You might get a reduced price. Just hang on on BlueHost Website and Wait for a Pop-Up! You can save almost 50$ for 3-year plans

Basic 3.95$ per month | ~143$ for 3 yrs with Unmetered Bandwidth | Can host 1 Website
Plus – 5.95 $ Per Month | ~ 214$ for 3 Yrs with Unmetered Bandwidth | Can host multiple websites
Choice Plus– 5.95 $ Per Month | ~214$ for 3 yrs | Unmetered Bandwidth | Host Multiple websites with Codeguard Basic

HostGator Shared WordPress Website Hosting Plan Review

HostGator Web Hosting

Shared WordPress hosting from HostGator provides a broad collection of tools to take your business online today

Hostgator’s Shared WordPress hosting comes with site-building tools and templates, a one-click application installer and has over 8,00,000 domains hosted on it. 

It offers everything you need to launch your new website

Price of HostGator – Shared WordPress hosting

Hatchling -2.75$ per month | ~123$ for 3 yrs | Unmetered Bandwidth | Can host 1 Website
Baby Plan- 3.95 $ Per Month | ~ 169$ for 3 Yrs | Unmetered Bandwidth | Can host Multiple websites
Business Plan- 5.95 $ Per Month | ~250$ for 3 yrs | Unmetered Bandwidth | Host Multiple websites

Conclusion – How to choose the Best WordPress Hosting Plan

Never decide a Web Hosting based on Cost. Always evaluate hosting on parameters that we have listed above.

Always check if the Hosting plan is Managed vs Shared. Prefer a Managed Hosting Plan from SiteGround or NameCheap

In the case of the Shared Hosting Plan, you should check the SSD disk availability and bandwidth options. A2 Hosting is a good choice here

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